Having A Conversation With God

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

6 years ago

Conversation is defined as an informal talk. How long has it been since you had a conversation, an informal talk with God? Too many followers of Christ, simply place their request before God by telling Him what they need and want from Him, and then proceed to instruct Him how to accomplish their stated desires. They quickly depart and go about their business. At times, they feel a twinge of embarrassment that they are just too busy with life or annoyed by it to stay and have any real interaction with the heavenly Father. No time or desire for meaningful conversation with the true and living God. Some attempt a meager apology to Him for their abrupt departure.

So much of today’s communication is shallow and consist of tweeting with a handful of characters that eliminates almost all of the information that is needed to have a meaningful discussion. Many are using emoji’s to attempt to convey their emotions. To truly understand someone’s emotional commitment to a given subject requires much more communication than just using a symbol. Others just want a monologue. They want to present their thoughts and ideas with no interest in how you might want to respond. They have no desire to hear what you want to say. These forms of communication can leave a person with feelings of ambiguity and uncertainty of what message the sender is trying to convey.

Habakkuk is an obscure prophet that we know very little about. His name comes from a Hebrew word which means “embrace.” He provides for us a model from over 2,600 years ago on how to have a conversation, a talk with God. There is much that we can learn from him and how he interacts with God. He does not want to just talk to God but he wants God to talk to him. Isn’t that what true communication is: Talking and then listening? I truly believe God wants us to talk with Him, and He wants to communicate with His creation to provide answers to our questions and direction for our lives.

How did Habakkuk 2,600 years earlier talk with God? How did he initiate communication with God in order to receive answers to his questions and concerns? Habakkuk is unique among the prophets because he did not speak for God to the people but rather spoke to God about his people and nation. How did he get answers from God about his concerns? He did not tweet, use emoji’s, or just dump on God his frustrations and concerns about how things were going. He dialogued with God. A dialogue is a conversation between two or more people. When dialoguing one person presents a meaningful question that cultivates and desires a heartfelt response from the one you are conversing (talking) with. Wow! Isn’t that a new and revolutionary concept of communication! Perhaps, our politicians and various anti-groups might try this very useful and helpful form of communication. Of course, to the rational and level headed this is not a new idea at all. It is not just an idea but an understanding of basic communication skills that has been around since the beginning of time. In fact, it was initiated and instituted by God as His preferred communication standard with His creation. God wants to dialogue (talk) with you on a daily basis.

Although Habakkuk trusted God he struggled with God’s economy of justice. He found it inconceivable that God could use an evil pagan nation to judge His people. What does he do with the restless and confused feelings that he is wrestling with? Rather than drawing his own conclusion about why God is or is not doing something, he speaks with God about his concerns. When one draws their own conclusion without have a conversation (talk) with the other person, you almost always draw the wrong conclusion. Rather than assuming what God is or is not doing, he makes a really smart decision and decides to have a talk with God. He takes his questions to God for God to respond and tell him why things are as they are. He asked God, “How long, O Lord will I call for help and you do not hear me? Are you going to do anything about my situation?” God responds something like this (my words, His words are phrased differently in the Book of Habakkuk): I am so glad you stopped by for a conversation. You have some good questions that need answers and I have those answers for you. I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to respond to and answer your questions rather than you formulating your own answers and drawing an erroneous conclusion about the way things are. His communication (dialogue) with Habakkuk convinces him that His ways are right. Habakkuk tells God that he is really glad he stopped by and got his question answered directly by Him. Rather than Habakkuk’s cynicism and confusion growing and creating greater problems, he is encouraged and knows that God is in control. He leaves his conversation (talk) with God having greater faith and trust in God.

Rather than drawing your own conclusions, which are almost always wrong, go and have a little talk with Jesus. Know with absolute certainty that He will talk to you. He will be so happy that you stopped by. Don't be in a hurry. Spend both quality time and the proper quantity of time with Him as you dialogue. You will be so glad that you did.

Make your trip into His presence a daily discipline. Talk to God about your issues. Approach Him with pure motives. Enter His presence with an open mind and spirit. God wants to communicate with you and He is prepared to address your questions. He wants to bring greater clarity to your concerns. The writer to the Hebrews admonishes us to accept God’s invitation “To come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16). God wants to talk with you. He is always ready to dialogue with those who are genuinely looking for answers to life.

The results of your communication (talking), dialoguing with Jesus Christ, the strong Son of God will enhance your life in so many ways. When you leave, you will be encouraged and strengthened, your faith will be stronger, your dependence on Him will deepen and your joy will be complete in Him!

Go ahead, God is waiting to hear from you!