Our Identity

We are a church that desires to be in the will of God. We are not interested in the status quo. We are focused on pursing the will of God for this ministry and our people. We are a church that seeks the presence of God above all else. Come seek Him with us!

What We Believe

We Believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. In this selfless sacrifice, He traded his life for ours and paid our debt of sin. We believe in the moving and the leading of the Holy Spirit who is our comforter, conscience, and our guide in our walk with Jesus.

Our Mission

Our mission is the same as every follower of Jesus Christ, to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all nations. It is our duty to evangelize, teach, encourage, love, and support those around us. Or as the great Charles Spurgeon put it “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.”

Our Vision

Our desire is to build a ministry that does not just reach our local comunity, but people around the world. Our passion is raising up leaders with a solid biblical foundation to teach, preach, train and experience the Holy Spirit. Simply put, we want to build The Kindom of Jesus Christ, not our own empire.

What We're Doing

Along with empowering the local body, We are providing excellent resources and training materials for those who desire knowlege but lack access to the materials to do so. The number of uneducated, untrained pastors and church leaders worldwide is astounding.

Where We're Going

Lakeview is having a global imact, literally. We have been involved in countries such as Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Pakistan, Samoa, and several others that cannot be mentioned for the saftey of those invovled. This fellowship of believers is exponentiallly being used by God to spread the gospel around the world.

How You Can Help

First, we hope that you will join our fellowship, and that you will worship and grow with us. Secondly, even if you call another church home, we still need your prayers to continue to advance this ministry globally. Lastly, you can help us finacially, we need resources to expand the reach of our ministry to provide resources for those who have none.

Services & People You'll Love

Services are challenging and engaging. Our worship is passionate and our people are the best!

Sunday School

Sunday 9:30am


Sunday 10:30am

Bible Study

Wednesday 7pm