Introduction To Theology

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

3 years ago

The desire to know and understand God is the foundation of theology. Theology is the study of God and His relationship with the world He created. This course from Global University is an introduction to theology. It will use the Sacred Scriptures to introduce you to the study of God. An important subject that is closely related to theology is doctrine. Christian doctrine consists of those teachings about God and His world that we know to be true. We will join the study of theology with some essential Christian doctrines.

The study of Christian doctrine is important because we must know what we believe and why we believe it if we are to remain firm in the Christian faith. The world is filled with many false teachers and beliefs. They can easily deceive those who do not clearly understand the basic teaching of the Sacred Scriptures. Every follower of Christ will benefit from a study of what we believe to be foundational Christian doctrines taught from a Pentecostal perspective.

We will also look at the essential role of the Scriptures, which are God’s revelation to us. The Sacred Scriptures is the only completely reliable source of truth about God. The Sacred Scriptures is our source to examine what they teach about God, humankind, and the church. We will conclude the study by examining what the Sacred Scriptures teaches about the future (Eschatology) and God’s ultimate plan for both humankind and the world.

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