Love Reigns Over Your Past

Sunday April 25, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

Today, I want to address the ways that the love of God reigns over your past. Because of Jesus’ atonement on the cross, you do not have to be controlled by disappointments and failures of your past. Jesus Christ demonstrated His love for humanity by sacrificially giving His life on the cross and resurrecting from the dead. Because of His incredible act of love, those who are in Christ have become new creations. Too many people believe that their past is a hinderance to their present and future. It can be a heavy burden to bear when you feel weighed down by previous choices you made. All of your sins and failures have been covered by the blood of Jesus. Your past no longer has the last word and final say over your life. You have been given a fresh start. You have been reconciled to God, and you can give hope to others by making an appeal for God’s forgiving love to them as well. Your past does not define you. You are more than what you have done. The heavy burden of your past no longer weighs you down. Decide to get beyond your past by believing in, and applying to your life the forgiving love of Jesus Christ.