Give Thanks

Sunday November 21, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

One area of life that everyone could use improvement is in the Spirit of Thanksgiving. One of the most important truths that are easily forgotten is the power of thanksgiving. Every time you take yourself away into worry and anxiety, you began to lose the presence of God. I want to challenge you when you don’t feel the presence of God; when the worries of this life and the day to day activities cloud your mind and your memory, all you have to do is pull yourself back for a moment and begin to give thanks. Begin to thank God for your life, thank God for the day, thank God for your friends, thank God for His blessings, thank God for your good health and every time you begin to thank God the presence of God begins to build up with in you. The interesting thing is that it is not automatic. No matter how mature you are in the faith, you have to train yourself to give thanks. There are three vital areas that you need to learn how to give thanks.