Making Room For God

Sunday December 5, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

Life is extremely loud and filled with so much commotion. Distractions, detours, sirens and perpetual noise fill your life. It is difficult to separate the sounds and differentiate between what is important and necessary and what is indifferent and meaningless. Far too many lack the spiritual ability to discern. At times, you wish you had a pause button. The frantic pace of modern life has you moving in fast-forward much of the time. When and where do you find quietness and solace from a loud and obnoxious world? Donald Whitney wrote, “There is something transforming about silence and solitude. Moses and Paul were both transformed through years in virtual isolation. And while it would be neither right nor desirable to be cloistered from our God-given responsibilities involving other people, there are many biblical reasons for making the disciplines of solitude and silence a priority in your life.” When is the last time you made time for quietness?