A Prophetic Mindset

Sunday January 24, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

When the word prophetic is mentioned there is typically one of two responses:  excitement or apprehension. The majority of the followers of Christ believe in the continuation of the prophetic gift and that the prophetic voice needs to be heard. However, there is concern with the operation of the prophetic voice and people are skeptical because of the abuse of the gift. The followers of Christ who adhere to the cessation view believe that the prophetic gift ceased with the Apostolic Age of the church and is no longer authentic or viable. I am convinced that the church needs its prophetic voice to be heard and understood in these divisive and disruptive days. God’s placement of the prophetic voice of the church has always been and continues to be critical to both the church and to culture. Prophecy is used as proof of the inspiration, inerrancy and authority of God's Word. Prophecy should produce hope in the life of the follower of Christ which, in turn, promotes purity and perseverance. Prophecy tells you the goal of human history. Prophecy tells you where God is going in history. It informs you of God's purposes and exhorts you to conform your life to God's goals. Allow prophecy to stir your soul to worship, obey and persevere. Permit the person of Jesus Christ and your reunion with Him to be your goal and your consuming desire. You need to control the “Headspace–Your Mindset in Troubled Times.” As a follower of Christ you are to have a prophetic mindset and voice. You need a “But God” moment when the swimming in your head intersects with the “peace of God that passes all understanding.” This dark and lost world needs to encounter followers of Christ who have a clear and calm prophetic mindset and voice in these days of destruction.