A Prayerful Mindset

Sunday February 28, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

What do you do in times of great uncertainty? People are asking “are we near the end?”  “Where are we in Bible prophecy?” “Has the judgment of the Lord found us?” “Is Jesus soon to return?” We are experiencing world wide natural calamities on a large scale; hurricanes, tsunami, fires, floods, and droughts. Additionally, people are filled with fear and anxiety because of so many man-made disasters and possible world war. Events like 9/11, the conflict Israel has with Hamas and Hezbollah, nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea, war in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria have changed the political structure in some parts of the world. Conversely, these events have caused many commentators to say, “We are seeing the beginnings of World War III.” How do you respond and prepare? You pray. The Bible is replete with the admonishment to pray. Prayer is not always easy, because it demands structure and focus. However, according to the apostle James, the benefits and the reward of the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avail much (James 5:16).