Dealing With Distress

Sunday August 22, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

When you encounter a detour or an abrupt stop. When you are stuck and cannot break free of your circumstances. When things do not align with your meticulous planning and the stitching is unraveling. How many time have you been told or you told someone to wait patiently? Those words jostle your spirit when you hear them. Hurry up and wait does not align with most peoples thinking when there are pressing issues to be solved. An immediate response, not waiting for slow moving developments, is front and center in many’s thought process. However, when you try to resolve things too quickly, you can get ahead of the situation and you can cause greater anxiety and frustration in your life. By waiting, and receiving greater clarity in your present distress can produce deliverance for you. Waiting patiently does not mean to wait passively and doing nothing. You have to lean forward with anticipation and expectation to receive a word and direction from the Lord. By doing so, God will use every situation for your betterment and development. “All things do work together for your good, if you love God.” Not only are you blessed, but your experiences will lead others to see and trust in the Lord. There is great value for those who, “Wait patiently for the Lord.” David testified that God heard him and helped him by doing five things: He turned to him, noticing his plight, He heard his cry, He lifted him out of the pit, He set his feet on a rock, giving him a firm place to stand, and God placed a new song of praise in his mouth. God will do the same for you!