God is Your Guardian

Sunday October 10, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

t is such a blessing to have someone watching over you. Someone that always has your best interest at heart. It provides a deep layer of comfort and peace to know that a guardian always has their eyes upon you. No matter how young or old, children take great solace in knowing that their parents are always there for them. They know they always have their child’s best interest before them; they are guardians for life. A husband and wife who knows without hesitation that their spouse is there to help and protect them and will always be by their side. Some people boast of having a guardian angel that is always with them making sure that they are properly provided for and protected. Everyone is grateful for human and angelic guardians that are always near and watchful over their well being. As a follower of Christ, you have something far greater than a human or angel watching over you. God the Father, who created the heavens and the earth, watches over every one of His children.