The Lord Heard My Voice

Sunday August 15, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

Last week in Psalm 55, David cried out for God to hear his prayer, to be attentive to his need and to respond accordingly. He was concerned if God was listening to his prayer and if he had God's undivided attention. Every follower of Christ feels that way from time to time as you navigate your way through difficult times. Psalm 116 answers those troubling questions that surface in your mind. In verses 1-4, God heard the psalmist plea for help and delivered him from danger. In verses 5-11, the psalmist proclaimed God's goodness and deliverance for his life. In verses 12-19, the author vows to repay God by his commitment to serve him with thanksgiving. In this weeks psalm, the author praises God and vows to love God because God heard and responded to his prayer for mercy. Therefore, he declares that he will call on God as long as he lives.There are myriad reasons why believers love God the Father and Jesus Christ the Lord. When you survey the wonders of His love for you, His forgiveness of your sin, His promises made to you, His power mightily at work in you, and His imminent return to establish God’s eternal kingdom are some of the reasons. Your love for God is sincere and you are deeply and passionately committed to serving Him all the days of your life so you can live with God for all eternity.