But God Remembered Noah

Monday July 13, 2020

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

As we begin our new sermon series –– “But God” our first event in Genesis conveys to us the extreme importance of the conjunction “But God.” To the left of/before ‘But God’ in chapter 8 verse 1, in chapters 6 and 7, you encounter the worst human atrocities, characterized by willful disobedience and rebellion against God. The story in chapter 6 and 7 is filled with hopelessness, darkness, and death. But to the right of chapter 8 and verse 1 following ‘But God,’ you find restoration, hope, light, and life. Our world really needs “Good News” in this season of so much ugliness and darkness. Our nation needs to hear the clarion call of “But God” to bring the message of hope, healing, reconciliation, and restoration to a lost and dark culture.