When the Wicked Seem To Prosper But God

Sunday September 6, 2020

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

Since the beginning of time humanity has compared and contrasted the rich and the poor. People from the earliest age have been led to believe that the rich are superior and the poor are inferior. The spirit of elitism continues to thrive today. Why has wealth or the lack of it, always defined us? It is not the amount of money that you have in the bank that defines you, but it is the content of your character that demonstrate to others your true worth. I would rather be rich in character and poor in wealth, than rich with money and devoid of Christ-like character. It is not those who begin the race, but those who complete the race and finish well. By the conclusion of his psalm, Asaph brings us to our “But God” moment––when your situation intersects with God’s promises.