I Feel Dead, But God

Sunday January 3, 2021

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

Because you are God’s creation you are designed to live a joyous, fulfilled and purpose driven life through Jesus Christ the Lord. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons things don’t always unfold the way you want them to. As you navigate through life and the challenges it brings, you can sometimes feel so overwhelmed that you think you are a dead person walking. You may believe you have lost your purpose, passion and power, but you have not. You only need to rediscover, renew, and reposition yourself through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. God’s not dead and neither are you. He possesses the power to raise you up. What you need is a “But God” moment where your perceived deadness intersects with a living and powerful God who can empower you with purpose. The enemy loses again and “you are raised up and seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus the Lord” (Eph 2:6).