Desiring A Gift, But God

Sunday December 20, 2020

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

Who is expecting a gift this week? Just about everyone in the world, right? You never outgrow your childishness when it comes to receiving a gift. There is something magical and exciting about receiving a gift from someone. The anticipation of removing the wrapping paper and discovering what wonderful gift someone has chosen to give you is exciting. Everyone wants the newest and coolest item that is on the market. Unfortunately, that new and cool gift does not provide the result you had hoped for. The glitter fell off too quickly, the color rapidly faded. The intended results of sustained joy that you hoped for was not sustainable and you find yourself disappointed. Allow me to give you some very sound advice. Rather than looking for a new gift, why not consider the “old gift.” I can guarantee you the “old gift” that I am recommending to you will remain new and fresh every day of your life. The love, peace and joy that this “old gift” will provide for you is sustainable in both this life and for all eternity. You desire a gift and you deserve a gift, it just has to be the right gift. You have the opportunity for a “But God” moment when your desire for the right gift intersects with God’s promise to give you the greatest gift ever given. God has freely given and you must gladly receive. You need to only accept God’s gift of Jesus Christ and apply the provisions of  “so great a salvation” to your life. My hope and prayer is that you will ask God for His “old” but yet “new gift” today. God’s gift will change your life.