Revenge Or But God

Sunday August 9, 2020

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

Everyone has their story that someone has done them wrong. Some of the stories are devastating and it is impossible to see how any good could possibly come from it. Humanity has always been short-sighted when it comes to understanding why things happen. If we cannot see an immediate connection or grasp the reason why, we have the tendency to apply some type of healing ointment and forget it and move on. We lose sight of any perspective that these events could have implications in the future. As people of faith and followers of Jesus Christ the Lord, we don’t believe in coincidence, we believe in God’s divine order––“The footsteps of righteous people are ordered by the Lord.” Joseph had a ”But God” moment at the death of his father concerning how he was done wrong and how it would relate not just to his future, but also to the people who would become the nation of Israel.