Pursued-But God

Sunday August 16, 2020

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

More times than one cares to remember, some type of enemy has been in hot pursuit to make your life difficult and painful. Each of you can testify of events that you are trying to prevail against, and overcome to be victorious in life. You are praying to God requesting that, “You will rise victorious and for your enemies to be scattered.” The Bible is replete with examples of the enemy trying to defeat and eliminate the Old Testament believer and the New Testament follower of Christ. We join with David the protagonist in today’s message and proclaim, “But God.” “But God” should be a powerful declaration in your testimony to God’s faithfulness in your life. How many times would the enemy have prevailed and won had it not been for your “But God” moment, when your circumstances intersected with God’s promises. Many of you are anticipating a “But God” moment today, and I am believing that you will receive it.