I Can't Find God, But God

Sunday October 4, 2020

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

As you navigate your way through life dealing with hardships, difficulties, and uncertainties, how many times have you said, “If I could just find God and talk with Him. If I could get an audience with Him and present my case.” You have your brief prepared. Your words are arranged for maximum impact and you are ready for your day before God’s throne. You are certain that you already know the words with which He will answer you based upon your prepared argument. You are absolutely confident that when God hears your oral presentation, He will fully understand the reason you did what you did and you will appear to him as pure gold. You just have one problem––You don’t know how to find God. When you go forward, He is not there. When you go backward, you cannot perceive Him. When He is moving to the left, You cannot behold Him and when He turns to the right, you cannot see Him. You need instructions on how to proceed in finding God. You want your day in His court. So you ask, “Does anyone know  how to find God? I want to contact Him and schedule a date on His court docket.” As a matter of fact, I do know how to find God and will help you find Him in today’s message.