Withering and Fading, But God

Sunday September 13, 2020

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

As people mature in their understanding of life by living a few decades on planet earth, they begin to recognize the phenomenon of the natural order of withering and fading. There is only a  few things that God has given us or anything developed by the hands of humanity that does not wither/deteriorate or fade/dissolve. How many times have you made the statement, “I cannot believe how quickly their health has deteriorated.” Or, “I cannot believe how quickly that color has faded.” Withering and Fading is a natural part of living and dying. If almost everything that you know and experience is withering and fading away, (here today and gone tomorrow), how are you to manage living? Life is so fluid and filled with so many inconsistencies, it seems everything that this nation once held sacred and believed to be unmovable, is attempting to be destroyed. With all of the uncertainty abounding, where do you place your anchor of hope and trust?