You Don’t Deserve It, “But God”

Sunday October 25, 2020

Dr. Richard L. Hamm

There have been times in the life of every person that you felt like you were a worthless nobody. You have been selfish and greedy, you always put your needs and wants above others. You have been really bad more times than you were decent. Your life has been filled with all manner of vice, you are ashamed and embarrassed by your choices and actions. You have tried to hide behind a hypocritical robe of righteousness for a large part of your life. Attempting to project something you did not possess. You have wondered how anyone could love you. You do not believe that you deserve the wonderful things that have transpired in your life. In short, you haver reigned and ruled as the king or queen among sinners. To the non-follower of Christ it presents a hopeless picture of an unregenerate person who deserves nothing but God’s wrath. Humanity would be hopeless and forever lost if it were not for a “But God” moment when ones’s sin and degradation intersect with the promises of God. There is a great need for a  “But God” moment to completely change and transform your life. You need to be born again, born from above. I have great news for you today. You are loved and you are redeemable. There is a God, the only true and living God, who knows that you are worth knowing, worth loving, and worth being. You don’t deserve it, “But God.”